Covenant:     Pirate rating *****

Covenant is a great source for movies and Tv Shows

  • Click on Covenant
  • Select Movies or TV Shows
  • Search by Genres, Year, New Movies, In Theaters, By Actor, Search, etc
  • Keep in mind, In theater movies are buggy.  Sometimes its a great quality.  Sometimes its a cam video.  Sometimes it is a movie trailer.  The longer a movie is out the better the quality.  The “in theater” movies are a shot in the dark.


Once you selected your movie or tv show, different sources will be available, some are better then others, this really should only be a concern with newly released movies. If you don’t like the quality or its buggy, click back and chose another source

Elysium:   Pirate rating ***

  • Similar to Covenant
  • Disney Collections
  • Kids Collections
  • Marvel Univeral
  • Holiday

Real Movies:  Pirate rating ***

  • Kids Movies
  • Disney
  • Old-Skool
  • True Story
  • Comedy
  • 4K and 3-D
  • Boxsets

Skynet:   Pirate rating ***

Skynet, contains Supremacy an excellent Sports Section. ****

  • Movies
  • Tv Shows
  • Cable Live TV**
  • Maverick
  • Supremacy

F.O.T.D. (Fear of the Dark)  Pirate rating ***

  • Scary and Horror movies
  • Well organized

AT THE FLIX  Pirate rating **

  • 4K movies
  • New Releases
  • War
  • Biographical
  • Her Movies
  • Kids
  • Horror
  • Crime